Residents of 55 countries have a unique opportunity to travel to the Russian Federation via electronic visa starting from August 1, 2023.

The validity of a single electronic visa is 60 days from the date it is issued with the permitted period of stay in the Russian Federation not more than 16 days from the date of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation.

  1. To issue the e-visa, it is necessary to fill in an application form on the website of the consular department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attaching a digital photo and a scan of the page with the data of the machine-readable passport of a foreign citizen. No other documents are required to obtain a single electronic visa.
  2. An application must be submitted no later than 4 calendar days before the expected date of entry into the Russian Federation.
  3. The e-visa is paid. The payment is made on the specialized website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia . The total amount with bank commission is about $ 52. When applying for a single electronic visa for children under the age of 6 it is about $ 2.


*Countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan, Turkey, China, North Korea, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and others ( - full list).