Northern lights and Russian North

Northern lights and Russian North

Russia has thousands of kilometers of sparsely-populated lands, especially at the North of the country. We would like to show you the modest northern beauty of our country and invite you to the so called Russian North. It is a territory of European part of the country to the north from St. Petersburg and Moscow from the border with Norway till the Ural Mountains. The climate differs from marine to continental though anyway it is pretty severe.

These lands were always rich with all kinds of resources such as timber, fish and game and it was one of the main reasons why people started to settle there. The White Sea ports such as Arkhangelsk and Kholmogori were the first Russian international trade ports before the foundation of St. Petersburg port on the Baltic Sea. People of the Russian North are proudly said that they are the only people of Russia, who didn’t know the Tatar Yoke and the peasant serfdom (abolished in Russia in 1861).

Freedom is one the main feeling the one discovers when comes to see the severe White sea, or to fish salmon in one of full-flowing northern rivers, or to walk in evergreen pine forests of Karelia, or to catch the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic prairie of the Kola peninsula. A trip to the Russian North is a freedom from civilization, a sense of pure peace and balance with nature. It is also a chance to explore the true Russian wooden architecture which was preserved due to remoteness of lands.


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