Saint-Petersburg Tours


Saint Petersburg is a very young city in comparison with old European capitals and probably the only city in the world that has acquired so much historic significance in such a short time. That is why it is one of the most popular directions among tourists, which we are glad to present to you. We offer you different kinds of package tours about Saint Petersburg. There are some standard options, which you can find here, but it is also possible to change every detail you want. We are ready to offer you a wide choice of accommodation possibilities, suitable means of transport, meals at many restaurants with your favourite cuisine and of course excursions for any taste! Our excursions about Saint Petersburg are very various: classical and adventure ones, for children and adults. Moreover it is possible to dive into the real life of local people – just choose the excursion “City by locals”! We are ready to find the best option for every tourist: if you enjoy walking – go for walking tours about Saint Petersburg; if you want to relax – there is always a chance to explore the city by bus or car. Our city tours in Saint Petersburg will not leave you indifferent!


time travelers
2 days from 130€
Naval tour
1 day from 45€