Siberia and Far East

East-West Express

Tour Description (pdf)

Days: 17

Start: Beijing

Finish: Moscow

Route cities:

Beijing Ulaanbaatar Ulan-Ude Baikal Krasnoyarsk Moscow

Our trip route connects two grandiose and modern capitals of two huge countries China and Russia. But on the way we will explore fantastic nature and mostly inhabited lands. Feel the size of the great Mongolian steppes and beauty of the shore of Baikal off beaten track, walk along kilometers of sandy beaches and hike in Russian Taiga forest, meet hospitality of locals and make the longest train trip in your life.

Start Mondays only

Nǐ hǎo! We glad to start our trip to the biggest country in the world by the world longest railway route from Beijing, one of the most populated cities of our planet. It is a city of contrasts, political, cultural and educational capital of China.
Meeting of a group,

Evening walking tour, we take a walk around the world’s largest public square - Tiananmen Square, with area of more than 400000 sq. metres. Visit to the most famous Donghuamen Night Market with a variety of very special Chinese street food. 
Optional Traditional dinner with a Peking duck
Stay overnight in hotel

Free day to explore the city
Optional: Hutong tour
Optional: Museum tour (Forbidden City + Temple of Heaven + Kungfu show)
Optional: Tour to the Great Wall
Stay overnight in hotel

Transfer to the train station
Morning train to UlanBataar, Mongolia
Day and Night at the train
Crossing of the Chinese-Mongolian border

14.35 arrival at Ulaanbaatar, the capital and the only city in Mongolia with the majority of country population living in it.
Originally the people of Mongolia are nomads and still lots of them (even in Ulaanbaatar) live in gers – portable round tents made of wooden sticks and covered with felt.
After breakfast we will transfer to National Park Gorki-Terelj (70 km from Ulan Bator) to explore the life of modern nomads. 

Let’s spend time like Mongolians: start and end a day with a song. We will visit a local family and explore the main sites of the National park. One hour of horse riding is included. 

Meals during the day are included.

Stay overnight in a ger.

After breakfast we will depart back to Ulaanbaatar.
En route we will stop by at the Chinggis Khaan monument which is the biggest equestrian statue in the world (40 m high).
It was constructed at the place where the Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan had found a golden whip as told in a historical writings.
You can take an elevator to the viewing deck on the horse’s head and enjoy the view of magnificent Mongolian steppe.
Meals during the day are included.
Free time

Optional Mongolian Folk Show

Stay overnight in hotel

Ulaanbaatar city tour with a visit to Gandan Monastery, Mongolian National Museum and Sukhbaaatar square.
Lunch at Mongolian cuisine restaurant
Transfer to the train station
Overnight train to Ulan-Ude
Crossing of Russian-Mongolian border

Early arrival to Ulan-Ude.

Welcome to Russia, Buryatia region. Being ethnically close to Mongols, Buryats share many customs with them, including nomadic way of life, erecting gers for shelters and Buddhist religion. In Ulan-Ude you will find an interesting mixture of ethical historical flavor and soviet heritage of restricted-access city. 

After Breakfast we will have a walking tour to find the most exciting sites of the city, for instance the statue “Head of Lenin”, built for the centennial of The Kremlin Dreamer’s birth and as grandiose as his complex personality.
Buzi (local type of dumplings) cooking class
Optional Ivolgin Datsan trip
Stay overnight in hotel

We leave Ulan-Ude and take a tour to the Old Believers – Russian people who still live in a small community keeping the traditions and strictly respecting the inner rules. After church reforms in 17th century part of Orthodox believers didn’t want to follow new rituals and continued practicing in the “old way”. To escape punishment from the official Church some of Old Believers went voluntary exile to Syberia and founded remote colonies. In other words, these special people preserved Russian identity of 18-19 century unspoiled by revolutions, soviet ideology and modern changes. We will try traditional Russian food and hospitality; enjoy local songs and dances from residents of the village. 

Transfer to Lake Baikal shore (3 h), Dinner.

Optional banya
Stay overnight at guest house

Spend all day on a shore of Baikal - the largest freshwater lake in the world.
Eastern shore of the Lake is famous for its wide sandy beaches and hot streams. Feel the wildness and emptiness walking along the Lake or rent a bike and travel around!
Free day

Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included
Stay overnight at guest house

Free morning before a transfer back to Ulan-Ude railway station
19.35 overnight train to Krasnoyarsk

Evening arrival at Krasnoyarsk.
Stay overnight in hotel

If you have ever been to Krasnoyarsk, but haven’t visited the nature reserve “Stolby”, you haven’t seen the heart of the city, its lungs, it’s soul.
Excursion around Central group of rocks, 3 km on foot. For those, who like spending a holiday in a calm or active way, who like to discover new spaces and observe panoramic views, who look for harmony with nature we offer the excursion to the reserve “Stolby” to explore Russian Taiga forest. This is the place to get unforgettable impressions. The tourist-bus goes along the forest road.

Optional boat trip to Krasnoyarsk sea
Stay overnight in hotel

Krasnoyarsk is the Easternmost million-plus city in Russia, the biggest economic and cultural center. We will have a city tour, and after a noisy city we will have a great panoramic view of Krasnoyarsk from the “Tsar Ryba” observation place. Also you will see Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station which is one of the biggest Hydro Power Stations in the world. At the fun-park “Bobrovy Log” tourists will go up to the hill by the ropeway, visit special observation places from where they can have a great view on the Takmak district of the Nature reserve.

After all we come back to the city and visit a local artist in her art studio, where she will tell you about her artworks, trips to the north of Siberia and local art life. Tea party with homemade pancakes.
Evening train to Moscow

We will cross the Western Siberia region and the Urals to get to the capital of Russia.

2 days and 2 nights at the train 

All railway lines in Russia lead to the capital!
Early arrival to Moscow, one of the world largest cities, a modern metropolis, the capital and ancient center of the Russian state with a history going back many centuries.
It is the city that everyone should visit as you can feel all Russian realities and contrasts.
Transfer to hotel, breakfast
We will explore the real wonder of Russian Capital: the Underground constructed in Soviet times with the idea of becoming Palaces for workpeople – that is why beautiful and unique decoration was used for each station. You will see expensive materials, mosaics, sculptures and the best architectural solutions of that time. Then we will have a tour to Space museum and a walk in the main Soviet park – the unique VDNKh architectural and park complex. The magnificent pavilions of VDNKh USSR became a precious symbol of the national school of architecture, the Soviet empire style, neo-classicism and modernism. When and for what purposes was the Exhibition created? Who were the founders and architects of the main USSR Expo? Experienced guides will help you understand the complicated history of the “Soviet Versailles” and answer all your questions about the architecture and landscape design.

Departure day
OR Optional program
Optional additional days at the hotel

We highly recommend you to plan some extra days in Moscow and Beijing.
You can also book an Optional St. Petersburg Package tour to see the so called ‘northern capital of Russia’ that also won the prize as the best cultural tourism city at World Travel Awards-2017.


The package price** (EUR) based on 6 pax starts from 2666 €

*Please contact us in case you have less or more passengers for recalculations
**For this tour you can add an escorting guide en-route with the surcharge. Please reqeust us for additional price.


  • Accommodation
  • 9 nights at central located hotels 3***- 4****
  • 1 night at a traditional Mongolian ger
  • 6 nights at overnight trains
  • Train tickets 2 class (four-berth compartment) according to the route
  • Railway station-hotel transfers
  • Guided tours and entrance fees
  • Meals: 12 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Emergency line support during the trip

Not included

  • Visa support issues
  • International flights
  • Personal travel insurance

Included activities

  • Beijing city tour
  • Visit of a Chinggis Khaan monument
  • Trip to National Park Gorki-Terelj (meeting local family, horse riding, hiking)
  • Ulanbaatar city tour
  • Walking tour in Ulan-Ude
  • Buzi cooking class
  • Old believer’s village visit
  • Stolbi reserve tour
  • Krasnoyarsk city tour
  • Tea party at local artist art studio
  • Walking city and metro tour
  • Park VDNH and Cosmos museum visit