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Create your own trip from 14 days

Plan your perfect Trans-Siberian adventure with us. Depending on your preferences, interests, comfort level and budget, we can help you to design the ideal itinerary and provide the value-for-money offer.

Manage your impression and make your trip to Russia unforgettable.

Please choose:

  • The right level of comfort (from hostels and home stays to 4-5***** hotels, 1 or 2 class train tickets) 
  • The intensity of day programs (explore the sites by your own, choose one of our variants or share your ideas to create a tailor-made tour for you) 
  • Travel style (discovery and exploration, leisure and rest, all-included, fun and joy, active and sporting)

There are 2 main options of the route:

  • Trans-Siberian option (from St. Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok and reverse, only Russia). This option is recommended if the focus of your trip is Russia in all its cultural, ethnical and natural diversity and you would like to travel along the longest railway in the world
  • Trans-Mongolian option (from St. Petersburg or Moscow to Ulaanbaatar or Beijing and reverse, along the territory of 3 countries Russia, Mongolia and China). This option is the best choice if you would like to visit several untouched areas of the Earth in one tour, though a start and a finish are in huge multicultural capitals.

Duration of the tour

In our tours we offer you to travel by local public trains, not touristic ones, so there is a chance to have day or overnight stops in almost every place you would choose on the route. To calculate the duration of your tour please note that a non-stop trip along Trans-Siberian or Trans-Mongolian railway will take up to 150 hours (6,5 days). Add at least 2 extra days per each overnight stop on the route and couple of days for the first and final destination points. We recommend adding at least 3 days for a stop at Baikal Lake.

We are flexible and eager to help you to create your perfect and remarkable journey.