Sochi and Caucasus region tours

Sochi and Caucasus region tours

Sochi is one of the most popular Russian resorts situated on a narrow slip of ground between the Black Sea coast and Caucasus Mountains attracting thousands of people all over the year due to its unique mild climate and alpine air. It is one of the longest cities in Russia, stretched out for 145 km with numerous picturesque parks, kilometers of pebble beaches and mineral springs.

The territory of Sochi on 90% consists of mountains and included in the territory of National park. Mountains around Sochi stand up to 2000 meters tall and there are four modern ski resorts with lots of ski trails for any level of training. There is a popular joke about Russia that it is always cold here. But we can tell you that our country is made of jokey contradictions.

For instance the winter Olympic Games 2014 were held in Sochi a resort with a subtropical climate (with all risks of absence of snow) instead of any other region where snow lays 9 months a year.

Numerous sport objects built for The Olympic Games such as stadiums, ski slopes as well as Formula 1 racing track designed by famous Hermann Tilke made Sochi a city of outstanding annual sport events.


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