General Questions

Do you provide Russian visas?

No, we do not. We can only send you an invitation. Later on you will use it to apply for visa at a Russian consulate in your country.

*For those arriving to Saint Petersburg on a cruise ship and who are booking a tour with us we will gladly provide with a tour-ticket (blanket visa). This document will allow you to enter Saint Petersburg to take your tour with us. Tour Tickets are only required for St. Petersburg.

Is Neva Seasons licenced?

Neva seasons (ООО «Туроператор «Невские Сезоны» in Russian) is a licensed, registered tour operator by the Ministry of Culture of Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism. Our registration number is МВТ 007782. By clicking the link you can see our official listing on the Ministry of Culture’s website (in Russian).


Will museum closing days affect my itinerary?

If one of the museums is closed on the first day of your tour, you will visit it during the next day. Unfortunately for one day tours some sights cannot be visited if they are closed.

What if I want to go on a shore excursion even though I am staying at the hotel?

Any of our shore excursions are also suitable for those who are staying at the hotels. All we have to do is adjust the timing and pick you up at your hotel.

I’m leaving tomorrow. The system would not let me book. What is the reason?

We require at least a 48 hour notice to work any on-line bookings.

Could I miss my ship?

We have never ever had a guest who had to miss a ship because of us. We have 17 years of experience in a tourism industry and are very well organized.

Will there be time to shop on your tours?

We can certainly make time for this if you are on a private tour. We customize it the way you prefer.

About Russian visa

How long before my Travel dates should I apply?

You can apply no earlier than 90 days before your requested visa start date.

Do I need the original copy of the visa invitation letter for the Consulate?

No, but it is depending on your country of residence. A scanned copy is sufficient, we send our clients a copy of the invitation letter via e-mail. Simply print out your copy of the letter and hand it over to the consulate when you apply for your visa; however some Russian Consulates will request the original of the visa invitation instead of a copy.

Contact the Russian consulate in the city you intend to apply for a visa if you are unsure what they require.

Can I enter Russia using just my visa support letter?

No. Obtaining the visa support letter is just the first step towards receiving your Russian visa. Please follow our step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Russian visa. If you don’t have the Russian visa in your passport, you either won’t be allowed to board your plane/train to Russia, or you will be deported by Immigration at your own cost!

If my visa is issued, from when does the validity begin?

The validity of the visa begins from the date of your departure mentioned on the visa.

Should I provide the exact arrival and departure dates in my application, or can I give you tough dates?

You should know the exact dates. A Russian tourist visa is issued for the exact dates you request, up to a maximum of 30 days. This is inclusive of your days of entry and exit. Please note you may not enter Russia before the visa starts and you must leave Russia before the visa expires. Just in case, we suggest that you add a few days before and after your expected dates of travel.

Do I need a visa for my child?

If your child has a separate passport, you will need to get a separate visa for them. The process of applying for a child’s visa is the same as it is for adults.

Will I get my visa at the end of the process?

The issuance or refusal of a visa is the sole prerogative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

If I have received visas in the past, do I have to submit a full set of documents when applying for a new visa for another trip?

Yes. All applications for Russian visa require documents as specified by the Embassy of the Russian Federation even if you are applying again.

I have a dual citizenship, one of which is Russian. Do I need to apply for a Russian visa?

Travelers with a dual citizenship, one of which is Russian, have to travel with a valid Russian passport.

What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen while in Russia?

If you lose your passport and visa while travelling, you’ll need to apply for a new exit visa. We will assist you if this happens while on your tour with us. First, you need to report the matter to a local police precinct to provide you with an official document confirming your passport with a visa in it was lost. You will then need to make arrangements to get a new passport from your national embassy in Moscow. With your new passport, a new photo, your return ticket, you are now ready to apply for the exit visa and we will gladly help you in any way we can.