Everything You Need to Know About Russian Visas

Please note we are not a Consulate and we are not a visa agency. We do not issue visas; however we assist our customers in obtaining them in any way we can. You will be applying on your own and first of all should visit official Embassy websites for more instructions.

Travellers from most countries are required to obtain a visa when visiting Russia. Specific requirements depend on the country of your residence. To apply for a visa to Russia in Russian Consulate or Embassy you need to have an invitation (sometimes also called visa voucher/visa support document) from an officially licensed tourism Russian organisation.

Great news! All of our tours already include visa support document. We cannot arrange a visa support without you booking a tour with us.

Note: You don’t need a Russian visa if you are a cruise visitor.

We have prepared a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Russian visa on your own.

Number of entries:

A single-entry visa permits ONE entry to Russia within the specified period of time.
A double-entry visa permits ONE or TWO entries to Russia within the specified period of time.
A multiple-entry visa is valid for several visits to Russia over a period of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Visa types:

Tourist visa. 
Single or double entry visas available for a maximum stay of 30 days.
They are non-extendable. You cannot just prolong your stay, while staying in Russia. You have to leave the country and obtain a new visa.
Business visa.
For visitors who intend to stay in Russia for more than 30 days. For business purposes only (representatives of foreign governments, members of official delegations, cultural or sports exchange visitors, etc.). This type of visa is valid up to 12 months. Important for a multiple entry visa: visitors are restricted to a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day period.

Documents required to apply for a Russian visa:

—Official Russian visa invitation (visa voucher/visa support document). You will need to send us your full name, date of birth, passport number, citizenship, dates of arrival and departure, the name of your hotel.

—Filled, printed and signed Russian visa application form. The form must be filled out on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

—Original passport

Please, check your passport, there should be empty pages for a visa and it must be valid 6 months after arrival from Russia. If you make a typo or provide insufficient information, the Consulate might reject your visa application.

— 2 passport-size photos (must be recent and taken against white background)

The Consulate may request you to provide a travel insurance, hotel reservation confirmation, roundtrip tickets to Russia, a detailed itinerary in Russia

Important notes about Russian visa process

-You should start your visa procedure 2-3 months prior to departure.

-All foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation must register their visas within three working days of their arrival (excluding weekends and official public holidays). It is common tourists register their visa at the first hotel they check into. You have to register with each new hotel you stay in. Registration must be done not by you but by the host (hotel administration, the host of the apartment, relative or a friend).

— Please note that you cannot have 2 valid Russian visas in your passport. The Consulate has to cancel the old one and issue a new one.